Welcome to Juntos! Learning Together.

Curious minds, enthusiastic learners, young adolescents help each other acquire knowledge and new skills at the JUNTOS! mobile learning centres.

Lacking basic facilities such as libraries, computers and individual attention in their public schools, these students spend up to 12 hours a week with our teachers/tutors and laptop computers learning oral and written communication skills, researching and completing school projects, e-mailing international pen pals and publishing a community newspaper.

They have a thirst for knowledge and a desire to work together to reach their potential in life and create a brighter future for all.

The students attending the sessions excel in their public schools and have become leaders and teaching assistants as they bring course material to their teachers and classmates.

We now have 400 students, 50 computers all with access to high speed internet, wonderful teachers/tutors providing 18 sessions at 9 different locations.

Your support makes it all possible – thank you.

Visit our Mexican website (in Spanish) to learn more about us.


Board of Directors

Claudia Bierman

Janet Boeckh

Eva Echenberg

Myron Echenberg

        Sophie Boeckh

Katie Graham

        Xin Mei Liu  

Birgit Morse

Sharon Schneider

JUNTOS! Newsletter

        i-pdf.png February 2020


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